Monday, April 18, 2011


While most kids ask for puppies or kittens growing up, I wanted an octopus. For starters living
in a tiny Manhattan apartment, how was my mother ( if she ever gave any slight consideration of
obliging me) going to get a hold of an aquarium big enough to hold one when some grow up to
8 feet tall.
And are capable of escape from the tank.

Octopuses are great at problem solving, easily adaptable and very curious about their surroundings.They can even grow a limb if one is bitten off.

What I find fascinating about them is their ability to camouflage and change their entire appearance in less than a second. They can take on gradiations of color like spots, rings and mimic things such as gravel, seaweed and any other animal form. They are artists in that sense.

And solitary they are.

Also like artists they use color cognition and transformation as a means of communication and gathering information.

My rough sketches for " Octopus Mansions" is currently on the way.

So far the sketch looks like an aloe vera bush. I wonder if there is a correlation?.

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