Sunday, April 17, 2011


Carl, a very good friend of mine I adore asked me not  long ago and I still haven't answered him,

" Would I sit next to myself on a bus?". Today I will try to sort out and answer that question.

You want provocative questions, ask Uncle Carl...
Captain Carl to me because he is the Captain of the Mother Ship.

I have more original work to post and the entire look of the blog will probably change over time into a personal art journal.

Its been a long journey to get here. I don't know who is listening or watching, or even cares..Glass House is an extension of me. Rather than  go on with intellectual psycho babble how I made it, how strong I am and all the back slapping for a job well done, just feel me. Go with it.

I will ponder Carl's question and get back to it. I'll have something to say about it when I come back from brunch. Can't process on an empty stomach.

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