Monday, July 11, 2011


I finished a piece I've been fighting with for a year.

The piece is called Battery Acid. For years I've been on a quest to answer questions about what's going on with me and what I'm up to, and that lead me on a journey of self evaluation and discoveries. My friend Carl has
been very instrumental in helping me answer tough questions. Battery Acid started out as a girl in a womb of
flowers, roses in particular...while thick black stuff intrudes on her flowery womb.
The energy of the piece was never happy and while I resisted changing it, I did several times never quite getting it right. Until I stopped my compulsion to resist and go with what is.
What is, is that I am not the Battery Acid. The acid is what happened to me even before I took my first breath and while it changed me by instilling imprints that were clearly not my own, it was necessary to form me into the person I am.  The purging of the acid is what took me on this journey.
And what I became is by no means made up of Battery Acid. I am much much more than that. I am Eternal.
I know, this freaks people out, but think about it. It freaks me out too and I flip flop on the idea. When I create I am totally present. There is no yesterday and no tomorrow.  I am being. I am in the moment and in that moment everything is very clear.
This is not ego cause ego is false. I am talking about love. Love is real and because I loved this very difficult painting I created and I wasn't about to disregard it simply because we had a difference of opinions, I kept at it changing it and re doing it until it is exactly the mirror image of myself.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Had dinner with Carl and April and had an amazing time. April is going to be on Dr.Oz on May 30th.
Carl and I talked about a Higher Consciousness which guides us along with our art when we can't
make heads or tails of what's coming out. He also asked me what my code word is. A code word
is used to remind us of our purpose in this lifetime. For example, his is Flow, April's is Fun...I've
yet to come up with my own word. I've posted three new pieces, been keeping busy and two
more coming soon. Prayers to all those in Tornado Alley..

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Got a great question from Freakiboy

Why is my work so busy.

Because I want you to come in and take a closer look..I don't want you to step back. I want your nose in it.
Follow the colors and the cut out, and get lost in them.
Yes I make you take a hard look while engaging you in a story.

Metaphysical Discussion Group: The Wayseer Manifesto

Metaphysical Discussion Group: The Wayseer Manifesto