Monday, July 11, 2011


I finished a piece I've been fighting with for a year.

The piece is called Battery Acid. For years I've been on a quest to answer questions about what's going on with me and what I'm up to, and that lead me on a journey of self evaluation and discoveries. My friend Carl has
been very instrumental in helping me answer tough questions. Battery Acid started out as a girl in a womb of
flowers, roses in particular...while thick black stuff intrudes on her flowery womb.
The energy of the piece was never happy and while I resisted changing it, I did several times never quite getting it right. Until I stopped my compulsion to resist and go with what is.
What is, is that I am not the Battery Acid. The acid is what happened to me even before I took my first breath and while it changed me by instilling imprints that were clearly not my own, it was necessary to form me into the person I am.  The purging of the acid is what took me on this journey.
And what I became is by no means made up of Battery Acid. I am much much more than that. I am Eternal.
I know, this freaks people out, but think about it. It freaks me out too and I flip flop on the idea. When I create I am totally present. There is no yesterday and no tomorrow.  I am being. I am in the moment and in that moment everything is very clear.
This is not ego cause ego is false. I am talking about love. Love is real and because I loved this very difficult painting I created and I wasn't about to disregard it simply because we had a difference of opinions, I kept at it changing it and re doing it until it is exactly the mirror image of myself.

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