Monday, May 23, 2011


Had dinner with Carl and April and had an amazing time. April is going to be on Dr.Oz on May 30th.
Carl and I talked about a Higher Consciousness which guides us along with our art when we can't
make heads or tails of what's coming out. He also asked me what my code word is. A code word
is used to remind us of our purpose in this lifetime. For example, his is Flow, April's is Fun...I've
yet to come up with my own word. I've posted three new pieces, been keeping busy and two
more coming soon. Prayers to all those in Tornado Alley..

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  1. You are doing a fantastic job with this blog~ Its fun,exciting very creative and if its OK with you, I'd Love to post it on my FB page~ I think the media groups would get a kick out of your writings and amazing art.. Have you come up with a word that best describes you? Mine is Def FUN ~ I cannot not imagine going thru life without a base form of laughter and silliness. I live for the FUN ! Can you imagine going thru life without be CREATIVE? I'm going with that for your word ! ha ! Have a super fantastic weekend !